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Personal Protective Equipment


ASHRAE Position Document on Infectious Aerosols

This position document provides recommendations on the design, installation, and operation of HVAC and LEV systems to decrease the risk of infection transmission, non-HVAC control strategies to decrease disease risk, and strategies to support facilities management for both everyday operation and emergencies.

ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force - Reopening Schools

This guide provides practical information and checklists to school district and university campus environmental health managers, facility managers, administrators, technicians, and service providers to prepare educational buildings to resume occupancy.

Automated Hand-washing Machines See Demand Spike

This 2-minute video and corresponding article discuss automated hand washing machines. Particularly their effectiveness, how they work, the history of these machines, and the growing demand and investment into these machines.

The Insider's Guide to Reopening America

Forbes worked with public health experts, industry associations, and entrepreneurs about best practices for behaving responsibly during the next phase of the pandemic. From those conversations, they've put together sector-by-sector guides for consumers and businesses.

Strategies for Safely Reopening Schools

In this video, a panel of experts discuss the strategies four major school districts are employing while they are all in different stages of reopening their school buildings.

A User's Guide To Masks

This guide from NPR reveals what masks and practices are best for protecting others (and yourself).
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