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For more than 30 years, Wisconsin’s Women Business Initiative Corporation has been “putting dreams to work.” WWBIC’s mission is to assist small businesses in Wisconsin, with a focus on those owned by demographics underserved financially including women, people of color and those of lower wealth. It’s never easy to start a business. COVID-19 threatened many of the small business partners that WWBIC regularly works with. But to reopen amidst the ongoing pandemic, it was WWBIC who needed some support.

The virus forced WWBIC to close the doors of its five statewide offices and halt all in-person services in mid-March. Eager to get back to helping others, WWBIC worked diligently to have all necessary measures in place to reopen.

“We consider ourselves essential in terms of being on the frontlines of economic development in our state,” said Lisa Sullivan, assistant to president and event and project manager at WWBIC. “But finding reliable resources to reopen was a challenge. Being in charge of PPE procurement when it was so hard to come by, I lost sleep at night worrying about the supplies we needed to safely reopen.”

Then, Sullivan discovered Sure Solutions. To prepare to reopen, WWBIC was able to secure essential individual PPE kits for each employee to protect themselves. This not only assured that WWBIC was ready to reopen and keep its staff safe, but it provided the organization with the resources to help its small business partners.

“The response from staff was overwhelmingly gracious,” Sullivan said. “They thanked us for what we were doing to make them feel safe in their work environment”

Sullivan says despite not having to lay off a single employee this year, this is still not business as usual and managing fear and the unknown among employees is a top priority. But with the reliability and accessibility of PPE through Sure Solutions, it’s easier to reassure the WWBIC team.

“The Sure Solutions team always go the extra mile,” she said. “Whatever our needs are, they’re all over them. Even when they don’t always know the answer, they don’t stop until they find it.”

Sullivan considers Sure Solutions an integral part of the WWBIC back-to-work team. Citing moments such as a Sure Solutions partner delivering PPE herself to Sullivan in her driveway, or the Sure Solutions team’s replacement of liquid hand sanitizer in the WWBIC offices when the standard gel form came back in stock.

Moving forward, WWBIC will continue to work with Sure Solutions to foster a safe work environment. Through the installation of new technologies like safe handles, which keep door handles cleaner for longer, and continued shipments of essential PPE.

“They’re outstanding and continue to handle everything with the utmost care,” she said. “Their business came to be because of the situation we’re all in. Their good heartedness led them to want to help.”

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