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Throughout his education and career, Dr. Steven Moyo, an internal medicine physician based in San Diego, has consistently emphasized preventing heart disease and promoting heart health.

Seeing the health disparities among underserved demographics in heart health, he was passionate about communicating to those groups including women and people of color. Because these underserved communities were often unincluded in health technology, Dr. Moyo decided to start his own company that addressed these issues. In 2018, he launched Welfie.

“Welfie is meant to provide patients with a better picture of their own health,” said Dr. Moyo, “and then help them get connected to the right people to prioritize heart and mental health.”

Earlier this year, as the country focused on fighting COVID-19, Dr. Moyo saw the need to pivot Welfie’s purpose to helping communities, schools specifically, reopen. As a practicing physician, he was no stranger to the shortages in PPE supply and the volatile market. He knew to reopen safely, students and teachers would need access to readily available and affordable PPE, and he wanted to provide it.

Weary of the unregulated PPE market, Dr. Moyo discovered Sure Solutions PPE, and was amazed by our compassion and candidness when it came to securing the lifesaving PPE communities needed.

Dr. Moyo began using PPE supplied by us to create a PPE subscription service for students so they could have easy and regular access to the supplies they need to stay safe in school.

“There are so many things they could have chosen to move with their supply chain,” said Dr. Moyo, “but they saw a need and decided to help by supplying PPE and chose to do it the right way.”

Many of Dr. Moyo’s colleagues were at the forefront of sourcing PPE for healthcare workers, especially at the beginning of the crisis when major shortages were impacting healthcare providers nationally. He was regularly hearing about not only the difficulty to secure PPE, but its low quality as well.

He noted how important quality PPE is on a day to day basis for healthcare workers. Not just in terms of performance, but in comfortability, breathability and fit as workers are wearing them for long periods of time.

“As doctors, we can tell very quickly when we’re dealing with high quality material and when we’re not,” said Dr. Moyo. “When I first saw the supplies from Sure Solutions, I knew it was high quality.”

With a reliable PPE source secured, Welfie can now provide much needed equipment to students, teachers and staff. Designed to be a community health platform, Welfie has positioned itself as a credible source and guide to the COVID-19 process in schools.

The Welfie app will allow parents and teachers to provide in app screening for students, order PPE, report positive tests and be provided with direction when faced with a positive case.  

Dr. Moyo takes great pride in the service he’s providing. The feeling is mutual among us at Sure Solutions, as we work with an incredible business to provide the much-needed PPE to reopen schools safely.

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