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How Sure Solutions PPE is handling the Personal Protective Equipment supply/demand problem

Due to the rise and spread of Coronavirus, Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE) has been in high demand, but unfortunately in short supply. Through a partnership with CMD, Sure Solutions PPE is able to meet rising demands without dwindling on supplies.

Due to the rise and spread of Coronavirus, Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE) has been in high demand, but unfortunately in short supply. 

PPE In Short Supply

This has been a real issue, particularly in the healthcare space. In a recent article by SMARTcare, a complete technology platform for home care providers, CEO Scott Zielski discussed the struggle of the healthcare agencies they work with in terms of finding PPE solutions. Scott shared: 

“SMARTcare has heard from many agencies as they look for PPE suppliers that have stock and can ship. We have identified a company that has been in the medical sourcing market for over 30 years and is experienced working with overseas suppliers to successfully get products. Complete Manufacturing and Distribution (CMD) saw a real need to get PPE to front line workers in healthcare and give access to those serving Home Health/Senior Care, regional clinics, and small businesses. As a result, they partnered with their long-term client and women-owned business, Sure Solutions Corp, to bring in large volumes of PPE into a central warehouse for stocking and smaller order fulfillment. Each week they’re bringing in more PPE items. Based on customer feedback, they will continue to source hard-to-find items for months to come.”

Scott Zielski, SMARTcare CEO

Why partner with CMD?

In this partnership, both CMD and Sure Solutions PPE benefit from the strengths and specialties of one another. CMD has been providing supply chain and strategic advisory services to customers around the world over the past 30 years. With this international supply chain experience, Sure Solutions PPE is now able to scale their business faster and better than ever, ensuring timely delivery of PPE to the people and businesses who need it most, not to mention a healthy supply of this in-demand equipment. 

In addition to their vast supply chain experience, CMD is committed to quality and efficiency for Sure Solutions PPE by having personally visited and vetted each factory supplying personal protective equipment to Sure Solutions PPE. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also placed one team member on the ground at each facility to oversee production, packing, and distribution end-to-end. 

How does this affect me?

Due to this partnership, Sure Solutions PPE is able to provide the most in-demand personal protective products available, either small-scale or in bulk. In keeping our customers first, we also provide COVID-19 Readiness kits, built with businesses in mind so that they can reopen, or continue to operate, with confidence. 

Now that you know our story, check out our supply! 

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